Main Street Landing’s Union Station Gallery

Main Street Landing’s Union Station Gallery

 Main Street Landing and Little Umbrella : Art Curation is dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of Vermont visual artists, showcasing tradition and nontraditional visual art in rotating (monthly or bimonthly) shows and community-based events. 

Current Exhibit:
March 2020
Jacques Burke 
"March Madness Show"
Little Umbrella & Main Street Landing would like to welcome local Vermont Artist,  Jacques Burke and his exhibit "March Madness Show" for the month of March.
​Jacques is a local artist that loves just getting lost in his creations. Usually painting then drawing with markers on top of dryer paint or photos. Just making it flow. Winter has made him a little looper than summer months. Now he's going to share what madness has made for March.....

Main Street Landing's Union Station Gallery is located at 1 Main Street Union Station, for more information, please contact Sarah of Little Umbrella : Art Curation at 802-735-7091 or 


Permeant Main Street Landing Collection


Venus Venus by Christopher Curtis Winged Monkeys Winged Monkeys by Steve Larrabee Train BallTrain Ball by Lars Erik-Fisk


Waterfront FrescoWaterfront Fresco by Nancy Barnett of Fresco Studio

Ongoing Exhibitions

“Vermont Farm Women” series
(photographs on the third floor)

Peter Miller followed his iconic 1989 book, Vermont People, with the equally inspiring book, Vermont Farm Women. He interviewed and photographed forty-four women who work in agriculture in Vermont. On view on the third floor of Main Street Landing is the portfolio of original photographs from the book.