Union Station

Union Station



Art’s Alive is dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of Vermont visual artists.

Currently Exhibiting 

in the Art’s Alive Gallery @ Main Street Landing’s Union Station

1 Main Street Burlington VT

Kristen M. Watson 

March, 2019

Art's Alive is dedicated to increasing awarenessand appreciation of Vermont visual artists. Please join us in welcoming Kristin M. Watson to the One Main Street Gallery in March of 2019.

Kristen works in a variety of media, with the common thread in much of her recent work, is that of interpreting what she is experiencing in her own life in terms of body transformation, self-image, relationships, and observed human behavior. She does this through installations and intuitive mixed media painting. She uses whatever techniques and materials that communicate to her ideas effectively, but is particularly drawn to manipulating and fabricating digital designs and internet-based ephemera and collecting discarded/ unwanted personal effects (both material and digital). The works speak to personal ( and often universal) experience which include the exploration of social psychology, boundaries, behavior, acceptance, and inequality. Her intention is to create emotionally and mentally stimulating work that is also aesthetically distinct and compelling.  

Art’s Alive is dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of Vermont visual artists. For more information about the exhibit or Art’s Alive, please contact SEABA at 802-859-9222 or artsalivevt@seaba.com Open M-F, 8-3pm, Sat-Sun by apt only. Curated by SEABA

Permeant Main Street Landing Collection


Venus Venus by Christopher Curtis Winged Monkeys Winged Monkeys by Steve Larrabee Train BallTrain Ball by Lars Erik-Fisk


Waterfront FrescoWaterfront Fresco by Nancy Barnett of Fresco Studio

Ongoing Exhibitions

“Vermont Farm Women” series
(photographs on the third floor)

Peter Miller followed his iconic 1989 book, Vermont People, with the equally inspiring book, Vermont Farm Women. He interviewed and photographed forty-four women who work in agriculture in Vermont. On view on the third floor of Main Street Landing is the portfolio of original photographs from the book.