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Movies at Main Street Landing

Movies at Main Street Landing

Main Street Landing’s weekly movie series brings great classic cinema to the Burlington area. It is a free event open to the public on a first come first served basis. We accept donations at the door to benefit a local non-profit. Movies at Main Street Landing offers the non-profit organization the platform to raise money, to receive advertising exposure, and to promote their cause.  Movies at Main Street Landing culturally enriches the Burlington community with free classic films presented weekly on our big 25 foot movie screen, with Dolby surround sound. Every Tuesday Night at 7 p.m. at the Main Street Landing Film House, Third Floor of the Lake and College Building, at Sixty Lake Street, in Burlington, Vermont. More info? Call Mariah Riggs, Director of the Performing Arts Center, 802-540-3018,or


Movies at Main Street Landing

National MS Society

The United Way of Northwest Vermont

22 sq ft 22 gross/month



11/7- Taxi Driver (1976)

22 sq ft 22 gross/month

One of Martin Scorsese's most famous movies, made in 1976, it's the story of an insomniac and depressed New York City cab driver (Travis Bickle, played by Robert De Niro) who becomes obsessed with cleansing the city of human "trash" and goes insane.

The film was written by Paul Schrader and was inspired by a Creator Breakdown he'd experienced in the mid 1970s and which he hoped to get out of by "exorcism through art" (his words). The project was originally going to be directed by Brian De Palma and languished for years until it attracted the attention of Scorsese and Robert De Niro and is notable for being one of De Niro's first massive roles and for Jodie Foster's breakout role, as a child prostitute (she was twelve years old at the time). Cybill Shepherd, Harvey Keitel, Albert Brooks, and Peter Boyle also appear in the film, and Bernard Herrmann composed the music score (his last). Both De Niro and Foster received Oscar nominations for their roles.

Grand Hotel

11/14- Grand Hotel (1932)

22 sq ft 22 gross/month

Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore and Wallace Beery star in this winner of an Oscar for Best Picture--Grand Hotel. In a single day in Berlin's Grand Hotel, jewel thief Baron Felix von Geigern (John Barrymore--Dinner at Eight) covets both prima ballerinaGrusinskaya's (Garbo--Anna Christie) jewels and the beautiful Flaemmchen (Joan Crawford), who is the mistress ofthe Preysing (Beery), boss to the terminally ill Otto Kringelein (Lionel Barrymore). Now, in just 24 hours, the lives of these people will change forever in this Hollywood classic.

Dark Crystal

11/21- The Dark Crystal (1982)

22 sq ft 22 gross/month

“Another World, Another Time... In the Age of Wonder. A thousand years ago, this land was green and good, until the Crystal cracked. For a single piece was lost; a shard of the Crystal. Then strife began, and two new races appeared: the cruel Skeksis... the gentle Mystics”.

1,000 years ago the crystal cracked, and the spirits of the UrSkek were divided into the peaceful Mystics and the evil Skeksis. A prophecy was written that stated if a Gelfling healed the crystal, the world would be renewed and the UrSkek would be reunited. Due to the prophecy, the Skeksis hunted down and killed all the Gelflings.

The last Gelfling left on Thra, a male named Jen, was saved and raised by the Mystics. Jen is sent by his dying master on a journey to heal the Dark Crystal. If Jen succeeds, the world will be saved; but if Jen fails, the Skeksis will rule the land forever. On his quest to The Castle of the Crystal, Jen meets Kira, another Gelfling. The two must battle the evil Skeksis and save Thra.


11/28- Boogie Nights (1997)

22 sq ft 22 gross/month

Boogie Nights is a 1997 film by Paul Thomas Anderson about a group of performers, producers, directors and film crew members in the late 1970s and early 1980s pornographic film industry in southern California, when that semi-legal industry was transitioning from films shown in seedy X-rated movie theaters to videotapes rented from neighborhood video stores. Despite the titillating subject matter, the nudity and sex are kept to a minimum to maintain an "R" movie rating.

Standout performances by Burt Reynolds in his comeback role as "Jack Horner," a director of adult films who sees them as something of an art form, and Julianne Moore as "Amber Waves," an adult film star, common-law wife of Jack Horner and mother-figure to the younger performers, earned them Academy Award nominations for Best Support Actor and Best Supporting Actress, respectively. Paul Thomas Anderson was himself nominated for Best Original screenplay. Reynolds won a Golden Globe award for his performance. Mark Wahlberg as "Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler,"John C. Reilly as "Reed Rothschild," Don Cheadle as "Buck Swope," and Heather Graham as "Rollergirl"--who takes off her clothes, but never her roller skates--all give noteworthy performances portraying a close-knit group of adult film stars.