Rental Application

Rental Application

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ANY DAMAGES SUSTAINED as a direct result of your event, and/or the cost to replace any missing equipment is your responsibility and you will be required to reimburse MSL the costs to repair or replace damages or equipment. Please be sure to take very care of all the equipment you rent, and be very careful to return the space to the condition you found it prior to your event. Also, do everything possible not to damage the premises during your event as you will be liable for any damages that are the direct consequence of your event. You are also required to remove all of your debris from the space[s] when you leave, and return the space[s] to the condition you found on arrival. Trash cans are located in the common areas ... please use them. We have a "leave the space as you found it" policy. Each space is checked after an event. Any damage or condition that was not present before your rental will be your responsibility.


Our Buildings are Environmentally Clean and Healthy and meet very strict principles of air and environmental quality. Our buildings are built to meet LEED U.S. Green Building Council requirements and we have received Silver LEED Certification. LEED is Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design.


All Tenants of Main Street Landing are charged the lower NON-Profit Rate

Non Profit Duly Authorized Agent Must Sign the License and Issue the Check in their name to get non-profit rate.

Main Street Landing receives sponsorship level for the non-profit rate.

Total Due Main Street Landing

100% Payment required two weeks before your event.

NOTE: The Licensee is responsible for all local and state permits , ordinances, and licenses.

Cancellation Policy

The licensee has a right to cancel at any time up to two weeks prior to the event. If event is cancelled within two weeks of its scheduled date the client is responsible for 50% of the rental cost.

Alcohol Policy

We are a commercial building, all alcohol has to be provided and served by a licensed and permitted bar service.


The Main Street Landing LLC (hereinafter ''Licenser'') a Vermont corporation having a place of business in Burlington Vermont, does hereby license and permit

THIS LICENSE TO USE shall commence and conclude as follows

THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS of this Agreement are as follows:

Said real property is being licensed ''as is'', and renovations to the property must be approved in writing by the Licenser. Main Street Landing does not permit anything to be hung on its walls or suspended from its ceilings without prior written approval. This License does not permit the Licensee to make any changes, additions, or deletions to the property without the written approval of Licenser. Licensee is responsible for the collection and removal of all debris resulting from the use of the property and the return of the property to the ''as is'' condition prior to taking possession of said property. Licensee shall and will indemnify and save harmless the Licenser from and against any and all liability, claims, demands, and damage, incurred during and arising from the Licensee's use of the property described herein. This License allows the user to only use the space agreed upon in this document on the date(s) and time(s) specified herein, and Licenser's obligation is limited to providing space only. Any equipment or substances that may be considered dangerous or hazardous will not be permitted in the space.

Payment for use of said space is


Licenser shall not be held responsible for any damage thereto, theft or any other misuse of property placed in said property, and Licenser shall not be held responsible for injury to any occupant who enters Main Street Landing's property as a result of the event of Licensee. This License shall terminate on the date and time provided herein at which time Licensee is required to have vacated the premises, unless such termination is exercised at any time by either the Licenser or Licensee.This License may be executed in one or more duplicate copies, and each copy so executed shall be treated for all intents as an original document. At all times, this License may be revoked by the Licenser without reason, and all (if any) deposit monies will be returned to Licensee should Licenser terminate this agreement. If desired Licensee can hire an MSL Technician by calling thew Perfroming Arts Center Office @ 802-540-3018 to set up an appointment for assistance when renting the Film House or the Black Box . Cost is $30 per hour paid to technician directly and promptly by the Licensee. You will be charged for their travel time. you are required to hire a technician if you are renting the Film House and need to use the projector room rather than the podium for your event. Should you be concerned about the technical aspects of your event then hiring a technician to insure everything goes smoothly is highly recommended.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties have caused their duly authorized agents to execute this instrument this day.