Vermont Remains a Hippie Epicenter

Susan Green  

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Not Your Typical Developer: Main Street Landing Strives for Sustainability

Paul S. Rowe  

Privately-owned developer Main Street Landing in Burlington, Vermont strives to stay environmentally conscious while developing property.

“We care about the effects our development has on the environment, its inhabitants, and those working in construction to create the development,” says Chief Executive Officer Melina Moulton. “We follow specific guidelines to minimize the negative effects of our work in these areas.”

Striving to promote ecological integrity, economic security, empowerment, responsibility, and social well-being has …

The Impact of Main Street Landing

Helen Whyte  

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Bricks and Ardor

Melinda Moulton  

Vermont Life Magazine
Spring 2014
Melinda Moulton brings her holistic views to waterfront

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Concrete Progress: Economic Restoration

Peter Brewitt  

Orion Magazine’s two-year Reimagining Infrastructure project takes a look at the story of Main Street Landing.

“Other people had looked at it as well—there had been more than a dozen attempts to do something with that land—but the two “old hippies” had their own ideas. …

Pioneers in the green building movement

Main Street Landing  

Thirty years ago, the word sustainability did not even exist when Lisa Steele and I began our work re-developing property on the Burlington Waterfront.  There was never even a mention about the environment.  Developers told us that the windows in our buildings can’t open because of the HVAC system.  We told them we would develop buildings with operable windows because we had to follow our hearts and create buildings that “made sense”.

Burlington Free Press on 3Squares Challenge with Melinda

Main Street Landing  

The Burlington Free Press recently ran an article about the 3Squares Challenge, a program that encourages otherwise well-off individuals to feed themselves on only $36 each week – the maximum granted by the 3Squares VT program (formerly Food Stamps).

“I don’t know how people do it,” Moulton said midway through her weeklong effort to live on the same budget recipients of 3SquaresVT receive. “I am hungry a lot.”

Moulton of Huntington was among some 200 Vermonters who took the 3Squares Challenge the week before Thanksgiving. Participants agreed to live for a week on an average food stamp budget that boils down …

2013 Marianne Metropoulos Humanitarian Award Alison Forrest

Hunger Free Vermont  

Classic film series returns this month at Main Street Landing in Burlington

Main Street Landing  

Classic film series returns this month at Main Street Landing. Check out the schedule here.

First Words

Main Street Landing  

Ignite Burlington 2012

Main Street Landing  

Melinda’s Q/A with the Burlington Free Press

Main Street Landing  

Recently, Melinda had a chance to sit down with Dan D’Ambrosio of the Burlington Free Press for an interviewabout her successes in Burlington and as CEO of Main Street Landing. When asked, “Why Vermont?” Melinda had this to say:

I have been in Vermont for 40 years. I’ve been here since I was 22 years old. I am in Vermont because I love the people, I love the natural environment, I love the independence and the entrepreneurial spirit of Vermonters, and I love the forward-thinking politics of Vermont. I feel at peace. I feel very peaceful in Vermont. I …