Lake & College

Lake & College


Permanent Main Street Landing Collection

Winged Monkeys: The Rogue Lover The Object of His Desire 

Winged Monkeys: The Rogue Lover The Object of His Desire by Steve Larrabee


 Train Ball

Train Ball by Lars Erik-Fisk



No photo description available. 

Endangered Species by Ron Hernandez


large lobby with stone floors and ceiling mural

Pan of the Seasons, Lake Champlain by Ron Hernandez


Ongoing Exhibitions

History of the Waterfront Photographic Exhibition Fifty-nine reproductions of vintage photographs and artwork detailing the history of the Waterfron- Loacted on the Second Floor.

Other Artists

Alistair McCallum, Anneline Beukenkamp, Bill Davison, Caleb Clark, Charlotte Dworshak, Ginny O'Reilly, Harald Aksdal, Julie Y. Baker Albright, Katharine Montstream, Livy Hitchcock, Miriam Adams, Richard Alther, Richard W. Brown, Rik Carlson, Robert Lyons, Ron Hernandez, Sabra Field, Sally Linder, Sheila Hollender, Skye Forest, Steve Larrabee, Victoria Blewer.