Melinda Moulton

Chief Executive Officer/Redeveloper/Co-Founder
Melinda Moulton has been involved in environmental and socially conscious redevelopment since 1983. Read more about Melinda 

Elizabeth Steele

Elizabeth Steele is the co-founder and owner of Main Street Landing, a Vermont based real estate development and operating company. Read more about Elizabeth

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Joe Ryan

Construction/Property Manager
802-864-7996 (Office)
802-316-6665 (Cell)

Owen Lapierre

Building and Grounds Manager
802-865-1075 (Office)  
802-338-5262 (Cell)

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Mariah Riggs

Director of The Performing Arts Center
802-540-3018 (Office)
802-338-8508 (Cell)

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Phoebe Zorn

Performing Arts Coordinator
802-540-3018 (Office)
802-316-6664 (Cell)

Sasha Iammarino

Performing Arts Associate
802-540-3018 (Office)
802-318-3540 (Cell)

Jeff Covey

All Around Assistant
802-865-1075 (Office)
802-238-0771 (Cell)

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Quincy Chandler

Repair and Maintenance Associate
802-865-1075 (Office)
802-316-6667 (Cell)