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MSLPAC Innovative Theatre “IT” Residency Program

MSLPAC Innovative Theatre “IT” Residency Program

“To Benefit and encourage the growth and regeneration of the performing arts while embracing our community.”

**Excited to Announce that the Recipient for the 2024 Season has been Selected!**

Main Street Landing new works residency program in the Black Box. The program will take place every summer with the selection process happening in the spring. This program is for Vermont based theatrical artists with the purpose to support a creative space for contemporary theatre artists in Burlington. Main Street Landing will provide the selected work with venue space for perfromance, marketing, in house lights and sound, as well as rehearsal space throughout the summer. 


Submission Requirements-

The MSLPAC “IT” Program is looking for work that is new, reworked, revisioned, or pushes the boundaries of theatrical performance. The purpose of this program is to take the seed of a developed and articulated concept and give it the ability to grow into a full production and performance. 


All submissions will require the summary of the vision of the work as well as the detailed and comprehensive outline of the production. 


  • Initial submission for consideration TBD



  • Selection of the finalists will be based on the ability to meet the above requirements as well as the artistic merit of the proposed work.


  • Selection of finalists and notification of decision will be made on TBD


  • Finalists will be invited to a 15-30 minute judged presentation on TBD


  • The finalist presentations will be held in the Black Box Theater in front of an industry lead selection of judges. These presentations can include PowerPoint, performed examples of the work, or any form of articulation to exhibit the potenetal of the proposed piece. The goal of the presentation is to sell the concept and production to the judges. Access to both audio and visual will be available during these presentations, and we ask that presenters inform the MSLPAC before of any needs for their presentations. 


  • Selection of the program for the 2024 season will be announced in May of 2024


The Selected Work Receives: 


  • Rehearsal space in the Classroom space 3 days a week from June through August
  • Two full production/perfromance weeks in the Main Street Landing Black Box in August

Important Dates

  • Submissions due by TBD
  • Decisions released on TBD
  • Finalist Presentations on TBD
  • Winner rehearses in Classroom 3 days a week June-August
  • Winner moves into Black Box in August