Our Redevelopment Projects

The purpose of our 25-year plan is to create a low-scale, mixed use project integrating service retail, office, and residential (all income levels to comply with inclusionary zoning requirements). This mix will assure day and night activity and security, and will be accessible to all of Burlington's citizens and visitors, even in cold and inclement weather. The project will be phased in over a twenty-five year period. Focus primarily on Vermont businesses and retail establishments in order to create a unique "local" environment different from the Church Street marketplace thereby complementing rather than competing with business up town.

The site of the project is the Burlington Central Waterfront area, which is approximately 7 acres of land at the foot of College Street extending north to Deport Street and south to King Street.  The site area includes the Union Station and a 6,000 square foot office building at 102 Lake Street.