Technical Information

Technical Information


If you rent the Main Street Landing Black Box and need use of the control/lighting booth or microphones you will need a technical tutorial and sign-out before you can get access. Please contact Mariah Riggs @ 802-540-3018 to arrange an appointment. We do have a list of electrical lighting technicians (ELT) who are approved to work in the theater. Contact us if you need to hire an ELT. You can use your own ELT but they will have to be approved and given a tutorial. NO ACCESS OR USE of the Control room without a technical tutorial and approval. Once you have been signed out for use in the space you do not need to do the tutorial again.


Black Box Technical Information Packet


After every show the Black Box will be cleared by staff using the "Leave as you Found it" checklist. You will be notified if anything comes up when staff is checking out the space. We will not notify you if everything was left in a condition that passed the check out.


Black Box "Leave as you Found it" Checklist



Most events can easily be run from the "smart" podium. If you are renting the Main Street Landing Film House and you are using the "smart" podium and are already familiar with how it works you are good to go. If not you will need a tutorial on the "smart" podium/system prior to your event. Please contact the Performing Arts Center office to set up a tutorial.


If you need more sophisticated technical help in the Film House with wireless microphones, professional projection of films or other technical needs, you can hire one of our projectionists. Call our Performing Arts Center Office to set up hiring an outside Technical Consultant for your event - the charge is $30 per hour and you will be hiring them directly.


Equipment Rental Information

Our current inventory of Projector and PA systems for rent:

  • PROJECTORS ($50/Day)- we have adapters for USB, VGA, HDMI, microUSB, miniUSB, and most MAC ports
    • ViewSonic PJD6352 (Model No: VS15947) - HDMI/VGA/miniUSB compatible
    • Epson LCD Projector (Model No: H568A) - HDMI/VGA/USB-A compatible
    • Epson LCD Projector (Model No: EMP-54) - VGA compatible
  • PA SYSTEMS ($50/Day)- we have XLR to Aux cords
    • Fender Passport Venue (2 Speakers: 50/60Hz) - 10 Channels (3 XLR & 7 [1/4"])
    • THUMP TH-12A (2 Speakers: 50/60Hz) - 1 Channel (XLR)