Our Social Mission

Our Social Mission

Main Street Landing, through our work, professional collaborations, and service to our community, must always recognize, promote, and ensure that Black Lives Matter.  We recognize that in order to be truly anti-racist we must acknowledge our own failures and stand up, speak out, and provide our unwavering voice, our wide political reach, and our inclusive social power to fight against systemic racism wherever and whenever we see it.  In this effort and in support of this movement, Main Street Landing is committed to creating socially intersectional projects that serve to benefit marginalized people through our business practices, projects, community service, the arts, entrepreneurial collaborations, and our on-going progressive activism.

This section will be updated with news, photos, and more info about our ongoing Social Justice projects.

Social Mission Updates

Three people wearing facemasks stand in front of painting mounted on brick wall

Juniper Creative Arts large scale indoor mural in The Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center

Artist Statement

"The concept of our design includes notable BIPOC revolutionaries, artists, activists, and scholars from the past 200 years–those who came before us, who have given us the blueprint for revolution and social change, whose work and contributions to racial and social justice continues to guide us, and current change agents, today and into the future". - Juniper Creative Arts


Juniper Creative Arts is a Black and Dominican family collective that facilitates community mural projects with colleges and universities, K-12 schools, and community-based organizations. They are nationally recognized muralists, facilitators, and educators with a mission-driven practice of creating art that both involves and celebrates underrepresented communities. They use visual art and murals to lift up the voices, images, and people that are often left in the margins. Their work and vibe is inspired by their cultural and spiritual lineages, urban art, Hip-Hop culture, the mystical, and the natural world. They believe in the power of the arts to heal, bring people together, build community, create dialogue, and celebrate Black, Indigenous, People of color lives and stories. 


About the Artists

Juniper Creative Arts consists of creative director and concept artist Jennifer Herrera Condry, mural artist and illustrator Will Kasso Condry, and visual artist and photographer Alexa Herrera Condry.


Jennifer Herrera Condry

Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Jennifer is the daughter of Dominican immigrants. She worked for 22 years as a student affairs professional with a focus on multicultural student success before leaving to focus on building Juniper Creative Arts. During her 18 year tenure at Middlebury College, Jennifer led efforts for the retention and care of college students from marginalized identities and developed co-curricular programs to support student success, identity development and sense of belonging. She is a 200-hour certified Hatha Yoga practitioner, an energy worker  with Level 3 certification in Healing Touch and Level 2 certification in the Usui System of Reiki Healing, and a spiritual herbalist. She holds an M.A. in Spanish linguistics from the Middlebury Language Schools and a B.F.A in art history and business from Hunter College. She facilitates creative placemaking to foster community-building, personal expression, and healing.


Will Kasso Condry

Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, Will Kasso is a renowned visual artist, graffiti scholar, and educator. Kasso studied fine art and illustration at The College of New Jersey as a first-generation college student. He furthered his education in the art of aerosol painting with the mentorship of legendary graffiti artist Daniel “POSE 2” Hopkins. Kasso refined his artistry in large-scale mural production under the tutelage of Dave McShane at Mural Arts Philadelphia. He has taught courses on the origins and politics of Graffiti and Street Art and the elements of Hip-Hop at Middlebury College. For over 20 years, Will’s public art initiatives and civic engagement have helped vulnerable and fractured communities come together to creatively solve issues that affect their neighborhoods and everyday lives. Kasso is a visionary and Afro-futuristic artist well-known for his use of bold color and layers. Additionally, his life’s work centers on using mural arts as a vehicle for community-building, activism, beautification, and healing.


Alexa Herrera Condry

Alexa is a recent graduate of the University of Vermont, where she received a B.A. in studio art and computer science. She is an illustrator, photographer, and web designer; and is currently apprenticing under Will Kasso in aerosol painting and mural arts. Alexa is an energy worker trained in meridian healing. She has a Level 3 certification in Healing Touch, and is a spiritual herbalist. Alexa is the lead art-making facilitator for K-5 community mural projects.


Main Street Landing is immensely honored to partner with Juniper Creative Arts to create a beautiful and meaningful work of art which will elevate and enrich our Performing Arts Center for many years to come. Please visit their website, here, for more information and to see their prior works. Stay tuned to our social media channels and website for updates on this exciting project!