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Main Street Landing is an environmentally and socially conscious redevelopment company in Burlington, Vermont that has created over 250,000 square feet of built environment on the Burlington Waterfront.  Our work commenced in 1982.  The Burlington Waterfront in the mid-1800s was the third largest lumber port in the world.  There have been many attempts in the last 100 years to redevelop the waterfront, and Main Street Landing was the catalyst to make it all happen.

We welcome you to learn more about sustainable redevelopment, corporate consciousness, our social mission, and green building and how it can be done equally or at less cost than traditional design and construction. Learn how  the Main Street Landing redevelopment project has brought diverse local businesses and organizations to live, play and work here.

Not your Typical Developers,
Melinda Moulton and Lisa Steele

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Why did we choose Main Street Landing on Burlington's Waterfront?

Films on issues of global concern and businesses devoted to environmentally and socially conscious projects are an excellent combination. Since 1994, Main Street Landing has been the home of the Vermont International Film Festival, the world's oldest environmental and human rights film festival. We have always appreciated the support of Main Street Landing's management. This year, we're having the Festival from October 11th to the 15th, at the brand new Waterfront Theatre. The two comfortable theaters, rooms for discussions and receptions, and ample parking make it the perfect place for a five-day celebration of films.

- Mira Niagolova, Executive Director , Vermont International Film Festival

Join the Main Street Landing neighborhood of creative and friendly businesses. Call Melinda Moulton 802.864.7999

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