The Gallery at Main Street Landing

The Gallery at Main Street Landing

The Main Street Landing Cornerstone Building

3 Main Street, Burlington, VT



M-F,  8am-8pm
Sat-Sun,  10am-8pm

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The Gallery at Main Street Landing features Contemporary and Non-traditional art from Vermont artists as well as hosting a permanent video exhibition booth that shows video installations by artists from all over the world in bi-monthly exhibits. 





“Myopia” by Kara Torres

"The Sequence of Years" by Ben Balcom




Little Umbrella : Art Curation and Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center proudly welcomes local Burlington, VT artist Kara Torres and their exhibit "Myopia" to The Gallery.
In their second solo show, Kara uses a variety of materials, including cloth, paint and pvc to play with visual perception, hidden imagery, subversive ideologies and both metaphorical and literal myopia, while examining ways the Artist’s own nearsightedness has contributed to their imagination and development as an Artist.
my·​o·​pia | \ mī-ˈō-pē-ə \ 
1: a condition in which the visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye resulting especially in defective vision of distant objects: nearsightedness 
2: a lack of foresight or discernment : a narrow view of something (Merriam-Webster)    
3. narrow-mindedness; intolerance. (
This show is an exploration of visual perception and the way lifelong myopia has aided me in becoming an artist. It is also a sociopolitical critique of the metaphorical myopia that plagues us as we stand on the brink of environmental collapse and witness widespread injustice daily.
I have worn corrective lenses since I was nine years old. Ironically, I wonder about the extent to which being nearsighted has affected not only the way I physically see the world, but my open-minded view of life. By allowing me to see abundant possibilities, has degenerative myopia allowed me to routinely exercise my imagination and retain childlike wonder ? Did being myopic teach me how to truly see, in the way that artists must see in order to create art— that is, perceiving everyday things that slip most people’s notice? Is this skill of “seeing” transferable to nonvisual sight? 
​I hope to give the viewer a glimpse into my process and guide them to an understanding of how nearsightedness helped me to develop my artistry and perspective.
Accompanying Kara we proudly invite you to enjoy our Media Artist, Ben Balcom, a film professor and co-founder and co-programmer of Microlights Cinema, with his film "The Sequence of Years". His films investigate the relationship between cinematic artifice and ordinary experiences of everyday life.
"A feeling of forgetting rendered with first-person camera work, lens play, and image stabilization.I am old where I was born. It must have been magnificent once. The way it appears now is not how it used to be. It couldn’t be, otherwise this would be something else. Perhaps for a moment I am there again, but when I open my eyes I can’t remember anything. There is only this longing for someplace I've never been." -Ben Balcom
Please join the artists for their Artist Reception, as part of Art Map Burlington First Friday Art, August 2nd, from 5-8pm
The Gallery: CornerStone Building, 3 Main Street for more information, please contact Sarah of Little Umbrella : Art Curation at 802-735-7091 or 
Open M-F, 8-8pm, Sat-Sun. 10-8pm. 
This Exhibit will run from August-September 2019 : Curated by Sarah Drexler of Little Umbrella : Art Curation