The Gallery at Main Street Landing

The Gallery at Main Street Landing

The Main Street Landing Cornerstone Building

3 Main Street, Burlington, VT



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The Gallery at Main Street Landing features Contemporary and Non-traditional art from Vermont artists as well as hosting a permanent video exhibition booth that shows video installations by artists from all over the world in bi-monthly exhibits. 





"1": as in we are ALL ONE

by Jerry Ralya

"Selfiesism - Dance Duet", "Selfiesism - Inside Out", "Tracks"

 by Daphna Mero




Little Umbrella : Art Curation and Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center proudly welcomes Vermont artist Jerry Ralya and his exhibit "1" : as in we are ALL One to The Gallery.
The theory behind Jerry's theme "1" is that there are no human subspecies. We are all one species, with the same emotions, same abilities, and same flaws. Although we’re all the same, we should delight in our differences, and celebrate every race, color, culture, religion or no religion, gender identity, gender expression, age, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship, education, ability, health, neurotype, marital/parental status, socioeconomic background, and sexual orientation. We’re all under the same tent. We may as well have a party. "We share humanity, share life, and I for one stand in awe of it"
The exhibit will include Jerry's pastel works from his "Social Justice" series and "Vessels" series. The Social Justice art seeks to memorialize some victims of supposedly civilized societies. The “Vessels” art stems from yoga’s belief that people contain some of the divine energy the Universe contains. I noticed that when people are side-lit and drawn from the back, they look a little like a vase, or vessel, that contains that energy. And people look much the same, with their differences. These are all drawings, not photographs. The paper is the lighter color. The only “technology” involved is his finger, a pastel stick or marker, and an eraser.
Accompanying Jerry in The Gallery for the Video Installation we would like to welcome Daphna Mero, with her three shorts, "Selfiesism - Dance Duet" ; "Selfiesism - inside out" ; "Tracks".
Daphna is a Filmmaker, a professional Dancer and a Choreographer. Her work combines these mediums as well as tests the relationship between them. In it she investigates the blurry lines of disciplinary definitions as they run tangent to each other and resist each other, to better explore how they complement and enhance their traditional power.
As a professional dancer, sensitivity to motion and awareness of space is fundamental for her creative process. Dancers constantly have to be aware of the delicate relationship between their moving body and the space around them, their spatial dynamics with their fellow dancers and the relation of their own body parts. She sees the cinematic miso scène as a tension between choreography and improvisation; where the mundane motion is investigated to find the meeting points between the designed and the natural gesture.
Please join the artists for their Artist Reception, as part of Art Map Burlington First Friday Art, July 5th, from 5-8pm
The Gallery: CornerStone Building, 3 Main Street for more information, please contact Sarah of Little Umbrella : Art Curation at 802-735-7091 or 
Open M-F, 8-8pm, Sat-Sun. 10-8pm. 
This Exhibit will run from June-July 2019 : Curated by Sarah Drexler of Little Umbrella : Art Curation