Not Your Typical Developer: Main Street Landing Strives for Sustainability

Paul S. Rowe  

Privately-owned developer Main Street Landing in Burlington, Vermont strives to stay environmentally conscious while developing property.

“We care about the effects our development has on the environment, its inhabitants, and those working in construction to create the development,” says Chief Executive Officer Melina Moulton. “We follow specific guidelines to minimize the negative effects of our work in these areas.”

Striving to promote ecological integrity, economic security, empowerment, responsibility, and social well-being has set Main Street Landing apart from its often-destructive peers.

“We care about the health and well-being of our environment because we care about the health and well-being and the future of our children and their children,” says Moulton. “If you want to protect the environment for future generations – for the sake of humanity – then the work you do must reflect that.”

Over the past thirty-three years, Main Street Landing has created 250,000 square feet of built environment on the Burlington waterfront. The company’s commitment to the environment means that walls are carefully insulated to minimize heating and cooling needs – and that materials are recycled from objects like milk bottles and old tires. Stormwater runoff is captured and filtered through a specially-designed garden before being sent back to the city system. The company even seeks to create a harmony with the landscape through architectural design.

In Burlington, sustainable spaces have helped local businesses grow, minimized negative environmental impacts, and strengthened the cultural fabric of the city. “Our communities,” says Moulton, “will be richer, healthier, cleaner, and more desirable if we take time to preserve and enhance the integrity of our environment.”

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