Movies at Main Street Landing

Main Street Landing


Melinda Moulton
Chief Executive Officer/Redeveloper/Co-Founder

Melinda Moulton has been involved in environmental and socially conscious redevelopment since 1983. Read more >>

 Elizabeth Steele
Elizabeth Steele is the co-founder and owner of Main Street Landing, a Vermont based real estate development and operating company. Read more >>


  • Mariah Riggs
    Director of The Performing Arts Center,
    Phone: 802-540-3018 (Office)  
  • Joe Ryan
    Construction/Property Manager,
    802-864-7996 (office)
  • Edvin Brezicanin
    Maintenance and Repair Associate  802-865-1075 (office)
  • 802-316-6667 (cell)
  • Owen Lapierre
    Assistant Property Manager
    802-865-1075 (office)
    802-338-5262 (cell)
  • Kamal Upreti
  • Phoebe Zorn, Daily Rental Assistant
  • 802-316-6664 (cell)  802-540-3018 Office
  • (Photo Forthcoming)